Killina Centre

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Killina Presentation Resource Centre

A space for our community to gather, socialise, work, play, learn and make new friends

The people of Killina, Rahan and the much wider community have been crying out for a central hub, where meetings can be held, friends and neighbours can meet for a coffee, activities for all ages can be arranged and above all, where people can connect.

With the poignant closure of the Presentation Sisters Convent in Killina, a beautiful building of great importance to locals, lay empty and the idea of repurposing it for community use took hold. A group of local parishioners came up with the idea of setting up ‘Killina Presentation Resource Centre’ and a steering committee was established. The committee put forward a detailed strategic plan to the Presentation Sisters, proposing to develop a resource centre to provide high quality facilities and a range of activities accessible to all sectors of the community.

The application was successful and a historic agreement was reached for the local community to lease the impressive building and extensive grounds.

Our plans for the venue include facilities such as meeting rooms, work hubs, social services, arts and entertainment, training and education, therapy, exercise and relaxation, waking services, a heritage museum and a community shop and café.

Our Vision & Mission

To contribute towards a sustainable community, based on a spirit of friendship and empowerment where everyone can feel valued and supported.

Killina Presentation Resource Centre proposes to be a multi-disciplinary centre providing programmes and services to address community needs in Rahan parish and surrounding areas. Services will be delivered at an individual, family and community level through key operational areas.

Our Goals

Supporting People

Our holistic supports and services will be adaptive to the ongoing changing needs of the individual members of our community.

Empowering Communities

We will empower individuals to reach their full potential through education and training.

Making the Centre Self-Sustainable

We aim to support ourselves financially in the long-term.

Support Environmental Sustainability

We will endeavour to run the centre in line with current environmental best practice guidelines.